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Reality specializes in conversion of books to different eBook formats We have been in this market segment for over 5 years and have worked intensively with publishers to help them convert both their backlists and front lists into different eBook formats.

We deliver world-class, competitively priced conversion services to clients across the globe mainly focusing on the ePub and Kindle formats. We have converted 1000's of books for publishers and first time authors

What is a conversion service?

Conversion service is converting files from one electronic format to preferred ebook format.

The major challenge in any eBook conversion project is retaining the formatting available in the original print version. There are a growning number of formats available for eBooks and it is important to make the right decisions.

There is wide number of file formats that we receive to be converted to eBook formats. Publishers prefer Adobe InDesign and Quark as their choice layout software. Authors prefer to use word processing programs like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. These are the popular choices but there is a large variation between Publishers and Authors and choices can be extensive.

Complexity of a book can add another dimension on the difficulty of converting it into eBook formats. Fiction books are simple and take less time than non- fiction. However this may not be so if fiction books have complex formatting styles or large number of images.

Automated tools that convert your books to ePub almost always result in an unformatted output with specific devices. For example, headings, footnotes, tables, graphs may not display properly. Significant manual intervention is hence required to ensure compact and most accurate formatting.

Deliverables :

Fully compliant ePub file that passes both ePubCheck and ePubPreflight and is optimized for display in the most popular eBook devices and apps.

Valid Kindle/Mobipocket book that displays properly on all Kindle devices.

This ensures that the eBook can be sold immediately and will be accepted by Amazon as well as Apple ibooks.

Formats :

We can convert the following type of book to various Ebook formats

  Input Formats   Output Formats
•  Microsoft word •  Mobi - Kindle
•  Adobe PDF •  ePub - iphone, iPad
•  Adobe InDesign •  Smash words
•  HTML and Text •  Palm
•  Printed Books, Material •  Microsoft lit
•  XML •  others
•  QuarkXPress  
•  Scanned files  

Kindle and epub are the most popular formats for conversion.

Reality does not use automated conversion software. They use in-house productivity tools to aid quick production but also build eBooks from the ground up, focusing on quality and design integrity all along the way.


Please contact us for pricing details

Bulk Pricing :

Reality offers discounts to publishers and authors with 5 or more books to convert when they are scheduled at the same time.
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